Looking for a DP with a bunch of gear?

Kamerabus.ch - A service that production companies, agencies, but also directors and producers love!

Because they have: 

  • A "ready to go" solution 
  • Access to the latest camera and lighting technology, modularly adaptable 
  • A mobile, weather-protected workstation for data backup 
  • Uncomplicated loading and unloading at the location with Magliners and loading ramps 
  • Simplified cost overview: One billing from one supplier.
  • Additional transport possibility of 2 persons (3-seater)

In the meantime, the "red van" has already done dozens of commercials, documentary shoots, content productions, as well as a feature film and is looking forward to further assignments on the road. Feel free to contact me for a non-binding offer. The bus is not rented externally, but comes with me or a replacement operator in a package.