Recover - Streetart in Chernobyl (CH/ UKR 2016)

Recover - Streetart in Chernobyl

Documentary, CH/ UKR 2016/2017, 32min, 2K Master, Dolby 5.1

Synopsis: Bane&Pest, a swiss cypriotic streetart collective based in Chur Switzerland, are traveling fifty kilograms of spray paint to Chernobyl in order to paint the first legally approved streetart painting in that area.


Director: Zoran Stojanovic, Pixel Love
Director of Photography: Tom Brunner
Edit / Postproduction: Raphael Wanner
Aerials: Geza Scholtz, Zoran Stojanovic
Sound Design: Roman Frischknecht,
Music: Michael Wespi, Olivier Lindegger (Flowers), Lou Zarra, 48v
Artists: Bane & Pest CN,